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Traditional Azores Fishing Charter

Quick Details

Person All ages

Enjoy a Traditional Azores Fishing Charter in Mosteiros!

Have the chance to fish in a traditional wooden boat and learn the techniques of ancient fisherman that passed through generations of fishermen families in the little fishing village of Mosteiros.

Atlantic bonito, amberjack, barracuda, bluefish, forkbeard, blacktail comber, mackerel, white seabream, scorpion fish and many more are the species of fish you can find out in the amazing coast of Mosteiros and northwestern part of São Miguel island.


Discover the true Azorean fishing experience, accompanied by a professional fisherman and guide, inside a 6m hand-built wooden boat! The fishing starts at dawn with the first sunlight, so the hour is always variable. It’s the most authentic Azores fishing experience you can find!

What You Can Expect

Beginning at our base, you’ll get suited up with a life jacket and a light waterproof jacket. You will also listen to a safety briefing as well as an explanation of what to expect on the tour. After that, we’ll head out for a one-minute walk to the port and into the boat.

There, we have all the gear you’ll need for fishing, then we will head out to our fishing areas. The trip will last about five hours; afterwards, you can choose your freshly caught fish and then we’ll head back to our office.

For further information, please see our FAQ page!