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Tour Cancellation: Terra do Pico reserves the right to cancel the trip and/or change the scheduled trip for security reasons, weather and customs irregularities. The client will be fully refunded, but will have no right to claim any type of indemnity. In the possible measure, Terra do Pico will propose a solution to the situation. All efforts will be made, to approach the animals and provide the client with cetacean’s observation. However, Terra do Pico can’t be considered responsible if, despite all its efforts, there is no possibility to offer very close approximation or any observation at all. The company or its representative may, due to unforeseen events or circumstances that may occur, alter the tour during the journey itself, for security reasons, in which case the client cannot claim any type of indemnity. In case of cancellation on the clients behalf 3 days prior to the embark the sum paid will be fully refunded. Within the 3 days prior to the embark date, the amount paid will be fully retained by Terra do Pico.

Assurance: Terra do Pico is insured. With a simple request we can supply you with a contract.

Responsibility: Each client must follow all of the security regulations on board and compromise itself to respect the Portuguese law. Under aged passengers can only embark in the company of an adult recognized as the legal tutor. Terra do Pico cannot be responsible in the case of breakage or loss of personal objects, such as: glasses, lens, cameras, phones, and others. Such objects are entirely the responsibility of the client. The client compromises itself to take on all financial, material and damage costs caused to the boat or to a third part. If any, that may implicate security, terra do Pico reserves the right to before the embark/boarding or during the trip, alter the dates, timetables or routes. Therefore the client cannot claim any type of refund. It is the client’s duty to inform the crew about any pregnancy or health problem which may need any attention or special care.