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Sunset Boat Cruise

Quick Details

Person All ages
Private Charter

Enjoy the Azores Sunset in Mosteiros!

Join us for a spectacular boat trip through the coastline of Mosteiros while enjoying the most perfect sunsets over the island along with the immense bird activity that exists near Mosteiros islets and beautiful coast.


This amazing sunset cruise will offer you one of the most beautiful sunsets of the Azores. Just relax and enjoy the volcanic landscape along with all the surrounding life that abounds in the Mosteiros coast.

With our boat Terra do Pico, you will be able to experience a truly singular and unique sunset by the islets, as well as a sunset boat tour through the beautiful coastline at Ferraria, giving you a private and intimate moment that you will surely never forget.

What You Can Expect

At our base, we will give you a light waterproof jacket, a life jacket, and a briefing by our professional guide about our safety procedures and what you can expect to see. After that, we head out to the port (one-minute walk) and into the boat.

Then we will head out to our points of geological interest and amazing views for you to enjoy, finishing the trip with the island’s most iconic sunset, passing through the islets while the birds return to their nests. This trip will occur around one hour before the sun sets so the time for the tour will change throughout the season.

For further information, please see our FAQ page!